TSA Guidelines 2022: Can CBD Gummies Be Taken on a Plane?

CBD is a drug that is still illegal in the United States and many other countries, making it difficult to travel with it.

On domestic flights in the United States, CBD gummies are technically legal. Traveling to foreign nations, however, may present challenges. Although certain TSA agents may cause issues, this is unusual.

Traveling within the United States is far more accessible than traveling internationally, but it’s crucial to be aware of any constraints that may exist in any case. One of the smallest concerns you might have is the TSA inspecting your merchandise; crossing international borders is typically far more intricate and difficult.

Are our CBD gummies detectable by TSA?

The TSA, or Transportation Security Administration, does not provide personnel with the equipment they need to determine whether food or drink contains CBD. CBD gummies that aren’t explicitly labeled as such on the container can’t usually be identified by glancing at them.

Even “obvious” CBD gummies or those still in their original packaging are unlikely to raise any red flags if other travel rules (such as what can and cannot be packed in checked bags and to what extent) are followed. CBD derived from hemp is lawful in the United States, and therefore you won’t face any legal consequences for owning these goods.

It’s crucial to remember that the TSA’s primary purpose is security, not drug detection. TSA officers do not seek out illegal substances on purpose, but they do have the authority to report them to law authorities if they are found.

However, since CBD isn’t prohibited, you’re probably safe. If you’re bringing your gummies in checked luggage, make sure they’re safely packaged, and if you’re getting them in an unchecked bag, make sure you follow all applicable rules.

Bringing a certificate or third-party lab report stating that the CBD product is below the legal THC limit may also be beneficial. If any questions arise, this will increase your credibility.

Is CBD legal to fly within the United States?

You can easily travel with several forms of CBD, like gummies, in the United States as long as your CBD comes from hemp. Knowing what limits may apply to your product and scenario is beneficial.

You’re not breaking any laws by possessing or attempting to transfer CBD within the United States because it’s not an illegal or controlled substance. Some states have different restrictions than others regarding how much CBD a person may have, who can legally acquire it, and so on, so do your research and find out what the laws are in the place you’ll be visiting.

Air travel is one of the most difficult ways to carry CBD products due to current restrictions and guidelines that limit what passengers can bring on a plane.

TSA regulation is that hemp-derived CBD is not a reason for concern and will not result in you being arrested. CBD derived from marijuana, or other medicinal marijuana products may be subject to further restrictions because marijuana and THC remain illegal at the federal level.

Gummies and other consumables, for example, are more travel-friendly than other items. CBD oil and comparable solutions (liquids like tinctures, for example) might be challenging because most regulations limit the amount of fluid or other chemicals that can be packaged at one time.

Checked luggage is, in general, a preferable location to keep liquid or other fickle CBD products. In this scenario, you are free of bulk and size limits, but you’re also ensuring that your products are housed most efficiently and securely possible for long-distance transport.

Is CBD Illegal in Your State?

Different states in the United States have varying rules covering who can buy CBD, how much can be sold at a time, and how these products should be utilized.

It’s worth noting that CBD is now legal in the United States, courtesy of the 2018 Farm Bill (which legalized hemp growth and distribution, making it possible to derive and sell CBD legally).

That implies that while CBD isn’t outlawed or entirely “illegal” in any US state, states have the right and ability to manage certain aspects and regulations when purchasing and growing the substance.

Furthermore, when it comes to CBD generated from marijuana rather than hemp, several jurisdictions have taken a firm stance. Many states, particularly those without medical marijuana programs, still prohibit this type of CBD, which may be useful information for some visitors.

When it comes to CBD, marijuana, and cannabis in general, some states, such as Wisconsin, Texas, and Iowa, have a reputation for having more conservative legislation and wording.

Still, as long as your CBD is derived from legal hemp (with a THC content of less than 0.3%), you won’t be breaking any laws by owning or consuming it. When in doubt, obtaining documentation or other approval from a healthcare expert is always a good idea, as is keeping note of where you get your products.

Is it possible to take CBD gummies on an international trip?

It’s not a good idea to travel internationally with CBD or cannabis, as different countries have different rules.

Even if you successfully escape the country with these things, they may become troublesome once you arrive at your destination.

It’s not fair to suggest that traveling internationally with CBD gummies or other products is impossible; it depends on where you’re going.

Some goods (such as gummies) are simpler to conceal or pass off as non-offending substances than others, but it’s always a good idea to be cautious when traveling long distances.

If you insist on traveling with your CBD, research the place you’ll be visiting and see what kind of regulation exists on the subject. Even within particular countries, legislation might differ greatly, so taking the time to research information specific to your circumstance is invaluable.

Using CBD gummies that are THC-free, such as broad-spectrum or CBD isolate, is another pro-tip. CBD isolate contains only CBD, while broad-spectrum has additional cannabinoids but no THC. Even when CBD is permitted, regulators are suspicious of any product containing THC in some places. Traveling with just THC-free items is a good way to be extra cautious.

It’s worth noting that, even in countries where CBD is permitted, THC has a separate legal limit. That means CBD with low, below-limit THC concentration that is entirely legal in the United States may have THC levels that exceed the legal THC limit in other nations (which can be zero!). You’ll be alright if you use CBD isolate or broad-spectrum CBD.

CBD Is Illegal in Some Countries

Unfortunately, cannabis and its derivatives, including CBD, are still banned in most countries. While some countries allow medical marijuana, most countries prohibit cannabis use for both recreational and therapeutic purposes.

Even though hemp is not the same as marijuana and does not contain enough THC to provide a high, it’s safe to anticipate that countries with a strict anti-cannabis stance will also reject CBD products.

Some countries take a more ambiguous or nuanced approach to the matter, leaving the legality of hemp-derived CBD in a grey area that can be interpreted in various ways. It’s also preferable to be safe than sorry in this situation.

THC is often the most significant worry when traveling internationally with CBD. Most European countries, for example, consider CBD to be legal if it contains less than 0.2 percent THC. Because the legal limit in the United States is less than 0.3 percent, purchasing a legal full-spectrum product here and traveling to Europe could get you in trouble.

Traveling with exclusively THC-free gummies may be beneficial once again. If you choose CBD isolate or broad-spectrum products, you can rest assured that you are only traveling with CBD.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most frequently visited nations where CBD use is allowed (just like it is in the United States):

  • Canada
  • Examples include France, Germany, Greece, Spain, Denmark, and other European Union (EU) countries.
  • GB
  • Hong Kong and China are both parts of the Chinese mainland.

Other CBD-unfriendly possibilities include:

  • Japan
  • Australia
  • Singapore
  • Korea, S.
  • Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and other South American countries, for example,

Because countries on the latter list are more common than those on the former, most CBD consumers follow the general rule of thumb of not transporting CBD products internationally unless required, as indicated above.

The Takeaway: It Makes a Difference Where You Go

CBD gummies and other CBD products are legal to own and transport within the United States, but things get a little more tricky when air travel or overseas travel is involved.

The most important thing to understand is that your destination will most likely determine whether or not you can bring CBD products.

If you’re flying within the United States, you shouldn’t have too many concerns if your items meet other airline regulations. TSA officials may not be able to detect the presence of CBD in your products, but you won’t be breaking any laws.

It’s recommended to leave the CBD gummies at home when traveling internationally. Even if you can get away with exporting them, their illegality makes them dangerous to use overseas, and getting them back home may be difficult.

If you absolutely must travel with your CBD, research your trip and local/national cannabis and CBD policies. Medical reasons may be sufficient in some circumstances to warrant shipping these products; communicating with a healthcare expert can also provide valuable information (and perhaps a letter of permission). Many trustworthy CBD companies also provide certificates explaining the ingredients of your CBD products, giving reassurance that they contain less than the federal THC limit, which may be useful to have on hand just in case.

Gummies aren’t your only option if you decide to travel with CBD products. Travel-friendly products can vary in appearance from person to person, but our guide will provide excellent product recommendations no matter who you are or what your needs are. It shouldn’t be a guessing game to find CBD that works for you.

We recommend CBDistillery CBD Gummies, which is our favorite product if you’re seeking CBD gummies.

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