Mind-Body Energy Techniques for Healing

Strategies for Healing has recently added Mind-Body Energy protocols to the other energy psychology tools that we use in our office. Muscle-testing (adapted from applied kinesiology) can be used to access stored emotional content in the body. This is a powerful modality for releasing cellular memory that may be keeping you out of balance. Experience our Neuro-Integrative Therapy that uses audio and binaural frequencies encouraging brain neurons to fire and rebuild healthy synapses which support brain development and growth. This unique blending of bi-lateral beats and harmonic rhythms not only stimulate brain functions, they also promote natural healing.

The Alpha-Stim is an FDA approved medical device for treating anxiety, depression, stress and pain using micro-current therapy. So many emotional issues stem from these four categories, and are at the core of addictive behaviors. The Alpha-Stim is a proven way to deal affordably with presenting problems without drugs that can be addictive.

Strategies for Healing is committed to using holistic methods and modalities to assist individuals in addressing the emotional roadblocks creating problems with moving forward. We are invested in seeing people healed and restored to wholeness, integrating body, soul and spirit.

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by Sharon and Gary Worrell


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