Integrated & Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Can Help YOU

As we know Acupuncture, which is apart of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), focuses on moving “Chi” energy to balance all areas of your life. What is Chi? Chi is sometimes translated as vital energy or life force. Good health depends on a balanced distribution of chi through out the meridians and organs. When Chi flows smoothly and harmoniously throughout the meridians, each bodily system and organ interacts, which in turn are interdependent, interrelated, and integrated. Chi exists in different forms. Each organ expresses it’s own particular Chi function and organs have different yin and yang (male and female) components. An acupuncture treatment checks the chi in each of your individual organs.

In Chinese Medicine, there are many different types of Chi. The most important Chi types are “Zheng qi” or Good Chi and “Xie qi” or Bad Chi. Good Chi refers to the normal physiological function of the body as well as its resistance, and recovery capacity. Bad Chi refers to every kind of pathogenic element that can lead to poor health and disease. Acupuncture and TCM, supports strengthening Good Chi and clearing Bad Chi. Acupuncture uses needles or massage to help balance each clients Chi.

Acupuncture is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Since 2008, the U.S. Health and Human Services, and Chinese Vice-Minister of Health Services have been collaborating their research on Integrative and Traditional Chinese Medicine. (TCM). Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is considered to be the mainstream of medicine along with western medicine in modern China. TCM research includes TCM diagnoses, acupuncture, herbology, food therapy, massage, Tai Chi, TCM psychology, and life style counseling… TCM has been applied in thousands of patient cases with great success over years. The integration of both East and West medical systems gives doctors a more broad, and comprehensive view of health and healing; Thus, increasing the chances of healing and/or extending a patients life. If you have any questions, or interested in additional acupuncture training, feel free to contact and speak with Dr. Hou directly.

By Dr. Hou, ZhongPing DPOM L.AC


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