How to Use the Therapist Directory and Guide

Boulder and Denver County is gifted with an abundance and variety of therapists. In this Directory and Guide, we offer detailed information that can help you choose a practitioner.

Here are some suggestions in choosing a Therapist:

A) Refer to the Specialties section and see if any of these Specialties address the issues or topics of interest or concerns that you wish to address. Read about the person whose specialties are relevant to your life situation.

B) You can also find a therapist close to you by typing in your zip code, but also know sometimes the closest and best therapist may not live near you

C) Read the articles that interest you. Go to the article button and look at the listing of articles, read the articles that interest you.

D) Call the practitioners that interest you, interview them, and pay attention to how you feel while you are speaking with them during the interview and/or while reading about them. Your intuition/gut or heart body response can help you make choices in choosing a therapist or other choices in life. Read our article on listening to your intuition for more info.

E) If you are in need of any additional information about therapists, or modes of healing, you are welcome to email me at

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