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Recent Articles from Practitioners

Photo06121901_1 INTUITION: Listen to your Hunches and Gut Feelings - Intuition is that unerring and inexplicable knowing beyond logic. It’s the secret of heeding premonitions, acting on creative bolts from the blue, and paying attention to your quiet inner voice. Intuition is the deepest wisdom of the soul. Many people confuse being intuitive with the psychic label. Psychic abilities are part of the intuitive process […]
inner_beauty How to Choose Your Therapist and/or Health Professional - The Process: Picking a therapist or health professionals is a human process, a process of communication, interaction andgoodness of fit between therapist, health professionals and client. Before you commit emotional resources, time and money to a particular therapist or health professional, you will want to know As well as you can that you will feel […]

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